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Fellow Rotarians. I salute you all. PAG Fred Mubiru, thank you for inviting me to Rotary 25 years ago, when I joined the Rotaract Club of Kololo.

The Rotary club of Kololo is one of the biggest and oldest clubs in Uganda. I am honoured to be the Club’s 32nd President. Our club has not achieved its current stature by accident. A lot of work has been put in to make Kololo what it is today.

Every single past president has made a contribution, and indeed have all the members. I am therefore glad that I am not taking over club leadership from a vacuum. I have behind me a formidable team of past presidents and members who will do anything in their power to see that Kololo continues to shine

I will continuously tap from the wisdom of my past presidents’ forum to make sure we stay on course. I have selected PAG Fred Mubiru and PAG Rosemary Byanyima to be my primary conduits of wisdom and guidance from the past Presidents Forum.

Over the past 32 years, the world has changed, and Rotary is changing to remain relevant. So my dear members, we will not stay stuck in old club traditions. We will let go of traditions that slow down our momentum, and embrace new ideas that will improve club experience for the majority of members.

This may call for some amendments to our club by-laws. During the coming rotary year, my highest priority will be enhancing member experience and engagement. Our club membership is probably one of the most diverse, with a good mix of different age groups, an improving gender balance, different styles of thought, different professional backgrounds, ethnicity, etc…. This diversity is well reflected in the composition of our incoming club leadership.

We will harness the power of diversity of our club membership, our perspectives, work styles and world views to best work together to enhance member experience and engagement.

The Club Administration committee chaired by Rtn Emmanuel Okware working closely with the Family of Rotary Committee chaired by Rtn Annette Bogere and the Membership committee chaired by Rtn Florence Butegwa have already worked out the necessary strategies. All I ask from all members is your involvement and support for these strategies. Rotarians are people of action. Our motto is “Service above Self”. Since our first service project as a club, which was a bus stop shelter on Jinja Road in 1989, our club has implemented many projects that have transforme lives. Kizinda farmers’ heifer and microfinance project, which is a model SACCO in the country today, is a classic example of our excellent, sustainable and life changing projects. While we take pride in our past successes, we cannot afford to sit back and bask in our past glory. We will use our past successes as a spring board to bigger and bolder projects.

To this end, our service projects committee chaired by Rtn Alex Muhwezi has put in place a special sub-committee headed by PCC Sam Farouk whose duty is to support members to prepare and churn out bankable Global Grant projects. Kololo is capable of implementing multiple projects worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we shall live to this challenge. It has been emphasized many times that rotary is not about competition among clubs. RC Kololo will therefore participate in other clubs’ activities and work with other clubs to deliver service.

This will also help us connect and bond with them. On
15-16 February 2019, RC Kololoin partnership with RC Lukaya and Masaka held a successful medical camp at Kisaabwa primary school, Bukomansimbi district.
Members that attended the medical camp expressed concern at the condition of the classroom block where we had the general clinic. It has an earth floor, no windows, no doors…. The dusty floor is clearly a breeding ground for jiggers, as the pupils do not wear shoes. The open windows leave the children vulnerable especially when there are heavy rain storms. The school management made an appeal to us for assistance to complete this classroom block. Their budget is just ugx20m. We can do this. I call upon all of you, to raise funds and help change the school experience of these children. We will also pursue all our other club project proposals that are at various stages of approval. In all these projects we hope to partner with other clubs to strengthen our connections. Friends, there is a saying that “there is no free lunch”.

As Rotarians, we do not expect to get something for nothing. The global grant projects we are pursuing are funded from The Rotary Foundation.
When we give to The Rotary Foundation, it is given back to us in good measure, pressed together and running over to create a long lasting transformation to our communities, just like in Luke 6:38. We have set ourselves a modest target of giving to TRF.

The only Rotarian who does not contribute to TRF is one who does not cherish service above self. We at Kololo, will give to our TRF. The TRF Committee chaired by Rtn Anne Gamurorwa has strategies for Kololo to excel in TRF giving. Let us support it. I cannot say everything here because of space. But let me end with this. Rotary International’s reputation as the best service organization has been maintained because of Rotary’s strict adherence to its Governance Policies and Procedures.

All Rotary Clubs are guided by the RI Manual of Procedure and Bylaws. These documents provide the structure for RI’s policies and procedures. Every club that is granted and accepts a certificate of membership in RI, thereby accepts, ratifies, and agrees to be bound by RI policy framework. It is therefore a duty of each Rotary club member to observe and abide by the club bylaws. As your President together with the board, we will not shy away from reminding members about your obligations as prescribed in the club bylaws.

As we do this we will simply be fulfilling the mandate you have given us. My humble request to all members is to please pay your dues in time, attend club fellowships and participate in club projects and social activities.The minimum expectations from you are clearly prescribed in our bylaws. Together we will make Kololo shine even brighter. For more information & speeches, please download the 2019 Installation magazine.

Rtn Bonnie K. Nsambu, PHF +3
President 2019/2020
Rotary Club of Kololo-Kampala

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