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Message from Projects Committee Chair

Rtn William Kaguma

I thank the Club to have nominated me for the second year running as Project Chair Service assisted by PP Charles Turyamureeba and in 2015/16, PP Caleb Mzee wa Kazi was the Asst. Project Service.

Working in Projects is a good learning Curve in Rotary as you interact with the Community direct and you get to know your roots better than ever. A project brings you closer to the reality and opens opportunities in business, energizes you, widens your networking circles at District, Clubs and Community levels. The project writing process innovative, Team work and outsourcing of Donors commences at project service committee level so members of the Greater Kololo get your hands dirty by participating in the projects and the planned medical Camps in the year 2016/17.

RC Kololo has the following ongoing projects, upcoming projects and planned Medical Camps that all members are urged to participate fully to make The GREAT RC KOLOLO SHINE ONCE AGAIN.

Forward we move divide we fall.

Rtn William Kaguma

Club Chair Service Projects.

Ongoing Projects 2015/2016

  • Omukabare – Water Item remaining with approx. cost of 16.000.000 funds available. Current president finalizing Contract. Proposal for RCC Omukabare

  • VTT Project- Estimated funding $100.000. Funds available & approval done- ( President Rosemary lead player & technical)

  • Nyakinengo Health Centre & RCC commissioned and requires close monitoring and visible visits by RC Kololo. Planned visits to be circulated by Project committee Team.

  • Master Ampurire Kuhumuza- Fundraising on going and travel arrangements in process to fly him to Fortis Hospitals India. Estimated costs of treatment/Travels/Accommodation/upkeep $15,000. Scheduled date of travel in June 2016.

Proposed Projects with written proposals already

  • Rushooka Maternity Ward for Women/Mothers, location Ntungamo District.  Estimated cost of the project $226,000 (884.753,750/=. RC Kololo should outsource for funding to construct. Project circulated at retreat & Lead person Rtn. Dominic Kadenge Tumwesigye

  • Lugo Adopt Village location Wakiso District & Estimated costs- $ 80,795. Earlier the Club donated Text Books to the school (3years ago). Lead person PP(CC) Sam Farouq Mukasa

  • Mpererwe Hospital in Wakiso District. Well known to RC Kololo. Estimated Costs; $41.000 this is specifically for Improving quality & Access to Surgical & Obstetric Services. Lead Person. PP Farouq Mukasa Sam.

  • Sickle Cells. Location in Kampala District at Mulago Referral Hospital. Estimated Costs; $ 51,000. Lead Person. President Rosemary

  • Rwampara Health Centre 111. Location Mbarara District 16kms on Mbarara-Kabale road. Estimated costs. $178,133. Lead Person Rtn. William Kaguma

  • Literacy Project. To be develop during the course of 2016/17. Lead Person President Rosemary.


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