Bukomansibi medical camp by RC Kololo“It was Massive!” This is the statement many people have used to describe the turn up at the Medical Camp, which was organized by the Rotary Club of Kololo-Kampala in partnership with the Rotary Club of Lukaya and the Rotary Club of Masaka, on 15-16th February 2019 at Kisaabwa Primary School, Butenga Sub-county, Bukomansimbi District.

The district with a population of 151,403 (UBOS 2014 census) has one doctor who serves as the DHO. It has 1 Health Centre IV at Butenga, headed by a clinical officer.

The Rotary Family Health Days (RFHDs) board of district 9211 provided 3 medical kits which contained an assortment of medicines and sundries for use at medical outreaches.

A total of 39 Rotarians and 3 Rotaractors participated physically at this medical camp. We had more than 60 health workers volunteers including 12 doctors, 22 Clinicians/ Lab technicians, 11 nurses, 6 social workers and 15 medical students from Mulago Paramedical School (mostly from MWEHESA).

Ten health personnel from Butenga Health Centre IV, Bukomansimbi district, participated in the medical camp.

The Rotary Club of Kololo received support from a number of corporate organizations and individuals who contributed money and medicines. The Kisaabwa community provided food and accommodation for the health volunteers.

Some corporates attended the medical camp, namely Uganda Cares, Sanctuary Medical Foundation, Kemlog Kids dental, MAC Dental Clinic, Rakai Health Sciences Project, River Jordan medical centre and CBS FM. CBS FM assisted to publicized the medical camp on the radio.

During the 2 Day medical camp, free health services provided included:

  • General Health Education and Promotion:
  • Maternal and Childcare Health Education,
  • HIV Counselling and Testing
  • Safe Male Circumcision
  • Cancer Screening
  • Dental Care Services
  • Eye Care Services
  • Hypertension and Diabetes screening
  • General Outpatient treatment.

Despite the early morning drizzle. clients were at the venue by 6:00 am having trekked long distances. About 1500 people benefited from the free services. 30% of males and 70% female.

About 22% were children of 0-10 years. 5% were young people of 11-20 years while 73% were adults of 20 years and above.

Eye Care: The Eye Clinic attended to 324 patients. 60% female and 40% male.14% were children below 15 yrs. A total of 156 patients received free spectacle, while 246 received other forms of treatment. 178 were screened and registered for cataract surgery that was to take place at Masaka hospital. Blindness due to cataract is treatable and surgery is the only safe solution.

Forty-five (45) of the eye surgery patients turned up for free eye surgeries at Masaka Hospital on 4th-5th March. The surgery was co-sponsored by the North Indian Cultural Association who met the costs of all medical requirements and surgeon’s allowances. The eye unit identified a need to have an eye-care outreach specifically for children.

Bukomansibi medical camp by RC KololoHypertension and Diabetes: Sanctuary Medical Foundation did screen and treat people with hypertension and diabetes. Out of 410 patients seen, 106 persons were diagnosed with hypertension. Forty (40) persons were found with high blood sugar and 12 of these were not aware they were diabetic.

Gynaecology: Sixty-eight (68) patents were attended to by the gynaecologist. Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and candidiasis were the most prevalent ailments. It was also noted that most of them were mothers with more than 7 children, yet in very poor economic situation. They need interventions such as family planning education, and economic empowerment projects.

Cancer: Seventy-two (72) women received CA screening by River Jordan medical centre. All were negative, except 1 who had a suspicious lesion. A 2-year old previously diagnosed clinically as lymphomatic was referred to Uganda Cancer Institute. The single mother needs help to take the child to Mulago.

HIV: A Clinic set up by Uganda Cares tested 305; 35% were male and 65% females. Nine (9) people tested positive, all of them females. In addition, 11,520 condoms were distributed. Rakai Health Sciences Project registered 6 males for circumcision.

Dental: Kemlong Kids Dental- Mukono and MAC Dental Clinic -Naalya provided the services and this was timely since Bukomansimbi District does not have a dental unit. The Dental team which included Dental Surgeons and Public Health Dental Officers treated 225 people. Of these, the majority were female 63% (142), Sixty (60), 26% were in the age group (3-12 years) and 23 (10%) in the 13-18 years bracket. Toothpaste donated by Hark Dental was given out to the patients and some children received toothbrushes.

An elderly lady (67 years) appreciated the dental health education provided to the community members and also received treatment, as she narrated, “We were told that many doctors including those for teeth were coming to treat us for free. I came yesterday and was taught how to care for my teeth and that treatment will be provided today. I came very early today and was here by 6.00 am but found many other people had already reached.”

General clinic: The majority of doctors and clinicians were in the general clinic where they attended to all the other patients. The most prevalent ailments were;

  • Respiratory Tract Infections
  • Joint and Back pains
  • Peptic Ulcer Disease
  • Urinary Tract Infections and Candida

Dr Sarah Zalwango Kalyango, who was one of the doctors at the general clinic observed;

“Basing on the large numbers and long distances travelled by patient, it is evident that there is a high demand for basic health services among the community. There is a lot of self-diagnosis, for instance, every skin infection was attributed to syphilis “Kabotongo as many clients proclaimed”.

The community needs more public health education and socio-economic interventions. There is 1 dentist in Butenga but they do not have any dental equipment. The DHO requested for assistance to obtain dental equipment for Butenga HC IV.

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