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Dear friends

A year ago you entrusted me with the leadership of our Club. In my
acceptance speech I informed you that my strategic priority for the year was member satisfaction and engagement. This was informed by the feedback I had received from the Member Satisfaction Survey we conducted, and my personal conviction that when members are satisfactorily engaged, they deliver effective service. The ideal of Service is at the center of the Object of Rotary. I also outlined a number of goals that our club was going to pursue in each avenue of service. As I handover office, I am glad to note that we have not only delivered on most of our goals, but we have also exceeded our expectations. I will outline some of the achievements.

Membership: Membership growth is the engine that drives Rotary. We targeted a net growth of 2 members, with at least 1 female member. We achieved a growth of 5 members, comprising 4 ladies and 1 gentleman. We have also achieved the RI target for recruitment of young members and new female Rotarians. Let us mentor them well to propel our Club to greater heights. I thank our membership committee led by Rtn Florence Butegwa and the sponsors of our new members.

Member Engagement: We have seen good member participation in all our activities. Our member participation in the Rotary Cancer Run, Home Hospitalities, North Kigezi Project Launch, Naguru Children’s Christmas party and DCA registration have been the highest ever recorded in our Club’s history.

TRF Giving: The Rotary Foundation is the lifeblood of Rotary. Our target for TRF giving was US$ 22,000. We started the Rotary year with 67 PHFs and 6 Major Donors. We now have 75 PHFs and 10 Major Donors. Altogether, 98% of the members have made a
contribution to TRF this Rotary Year. We achieved our giving target during the second month of the Rotary Year. We were the top club in TRF giving throughout the year. This is the first time that our club has achieved this feat. As I write this, we have raised over US$ 34,000 for TRF and we have won the District Governor’s TRF award for D9211. I thank the TRF Committee Chair Rtn Anne Gamurorwa for the mobilization, and all the club members who have made a contribution. Special thanks to our 4 new Major Donors.

Service Projects: Service is what defines Rotary. It is where our impact is seen and felt. We planned to complete the 2 ongoing Global Grants, Implement 2 new Global Grant projects, and also carry out small non-global grant projects. During the year we completed 2 GG projects namely; GG 1863665 (St. Stephens Hospital Mpererwe) and GG1875158 (Masaka VTT). Their final reports were submitted and accepted by RI and both projects are successfully closed. We started implementing a new project, GG1982469 (North Kigezi Maternal and Child Health Project in Rukungiri) which is over 70% complete now. We carried out 3 small non-global grant projects, namely i) Improvement on a
classroom block at Kisaabwa Primary school in Bukomansimbi district, ii) Provision of medical equipment to Kinoni Health Centre IV in Rwampara which we did in partnership with Innerwheel Club of Kampala; and iii) Provision of PPE and Handwashing equipment to Mulago and Butabika Hospitals, a COVID-19 community intervention. We also handed over 12 heifers to Lugo women, part of the Lugo adopt a village project. For our Signature project at Naguru Reception Centre we donated mattress makintoshs, and held a Christmas party for the children. This was the best
attended Christmas Party and the first in which our partners in service, namely Rct Kololo and Interact Kololo HS participated.

All our projects, big and small, have had a tremendous impact. For example, with UGX 16m we saved the children
of Kisaabwa primary school from the menace of jiggers, dust, rain and mud in their classrooms; their school experience will not be the same again! Think about the lifelong impact on the 20 young ladies in Nyakinengo who have been equipped with tailoring skills under the North Kigezi project! Every single project has a long story to tell about its impacts. I thank the Service Projects committee led by Rtn Alex Muhwezi for a great job. Special thanks go to MD PP Caleb Babihuga and MD Lilian Babihuga who have put a lot of their time in steering the implementation of North Kigezi Maternal and Child Health

Project; PAG Fred Mubiru for the completing the Mpererwe project, VCC Rosemary for completing the Masaka VTT project and PCC Sam Farouk for his expertise and oversight. 

We planned to incubate at least 3 new Global grants worth $0.5m. As I write, we have 4 new global grant projects worth over US$ 0.42 million that already have international partners, and are expected to be ready for implementation next Rotary Year. These
upcoming projects are:

1. GG18666567 Uganda Hearing Health Centre in Memory of Dr. Irwin Stewart (US$ 130,000)- Pending RI approval (its approval has been delayed by COVID-19 pandemic).
2. GG2014247 Kitagwenda District WATSAN and Hygiene Project (US$ 160,000), – international partner obtained, soon to be submitted for approval.

3. GG19882328 – Skilling the Youth in Makindye (US$ 72,319)- The project is in partnership with Yimba Uganda (NGO)
4. Equipment for Maternity Ward at Rushooka Health Centre II (US$ 68,000). I thank the new GG incubation committee led by PCC Sam Farouk. Special thanks go to Rtn Dominic Tumwesigye and VCC Rosemary Byanyima who have put in the time to prepare the new global grant projects for the Club.

International Relations: Vice President Florence Wamala led a delegation of members of our Club to a visit to our internarial partners, RC Annapolis USA. I heartily thank our members who put in the time and resources to attend this trip. I believe it strengthened our partnership which will definitely yield more project partnerships. I hope we will do the same for all other international partners in future.

District Projects: We participated in the Rotary Cancer Run with a bang, after selling more than 300 tickets! This is our club’s highest record todate, and we almost doubled our target. Our target for DCA attendance was 30 members, but we achieved 35 who were fully paid up. This is our highest DCA attendance record todate.

Youth Service: On starting the year we realized that our Rct Club of Nkozi UMU and interact Club of St. Mary’s SSS were endangered and about to close. We decided to focus on the revival of these clubs. I am glad to note that these clubs are now well and vibrant. Our Rotaract and Interact partners in service have been given platforms to showcase their plans and achievements at our fellowships. Rct Kololo and Interact Kololo HS actively participated in our Naguru Children’s Christmas Party. The club supported Rct Kololo in its Kololo-for-Bunyonyi project with money and medicines. Clearly the future with our youthful partners is brighter than ever before. Thanks to Rtn Odeon Niwagaba, Chair Youth Services, for dedication and support to these clubs.

Club Administration: In July we launched the Kololo Wellness Fellowships (KWF), the first of its kind! Nerves & Bones, our partners in the KWF have received many invitations from other clubs, to present about the themes we have covered at Kololo. KWFs brought in the largest numbers of visitors to our
weekly fellowships. A similar concept has now been adopted in District Goals for RY 2020-21, as the “Fitness and Nutrition” campaign.

Every month we exceeded the targeted 60% monthly average attendance record, except for the 3 months of the lockdown. Even during lockdown, we had regular fellowships online; demonstrating our ability to adapt.


RC Kololo hosted a joint fellowship to commemorate the world cancer day on 4th February which was attended by 78 clubs. RC Kololo has actively participated in a number of activities outside the Club. In July the club participated in 5-aside tournament where to reached the quarter finals. In
August we participated in the Rotary cancer run with record numbers. All this together with the club’s social media publicity have enhanced the club’s visibility.

Comprehensive quarterly reports on club status have been prepared and presented to members. These included very detailed financial status reports. We spearheaded and closed 2 overdue audits of previous years’ accounts, which has helped maintain the Club’s qualification for Global Grants. Indeed we have already submitted our application for GG qualification for RY 2020-21.

I want to thank the entire Club Administration Team for a wonderful job done; special thanks go to Club Secretary (CEO) MD William Kaguma and Club Administration Chair PP Emmanuel Okware.

Family of Rotary: We are a family. We rejoice together in good times, we grieve together in bad times, and our Family of Rotary Committee lead by Rtn Marina Namugwe and Rtn Winnie Kaye have led us well. We all still remember the 2 memorable home hospitalities.
The weekly anniversary recognitions. Monthly birthday/ anniversary cakes. On occasions of loss of our dear ones, they have mobilized us to do what we need to do. We missed our last home hospitality in May due to lockdown. But overall, we have remained as family. Thank you Family of Rotary. Oh how I miss the weekly swallowships which on most days have been filled to overflowing!

Buddy Groups: Buddy Groups are our extensions of family of rotary that help us bond. They helped in managing fellowships and organized social activities. Two buddy groups had home hospitalities. One Buddy group had a home visit to a member who was unwell. We recognized the best performing buddy group, the Giraffes, whose performance has been outstanding. Thank you Giraffes.

Public Relations: We have improved the publicity of our club activities this Rotary Year. The eye-catching weekly flyers of our activities were consistently circulated on various social media channels. RC Kololo Facebook and twitter had never received so many hits/ visitors before. We had beautiful monthly bulletins though these stopped in 3rd quarter. We produced a video documentary to showcase our Lugo Project. We had wide publicity of Ampurire project which was covered in print media and televisions. Our Club banners were redesigned in line with RI Branding guidelines. I thank our PR Team led by Rtn Moses Kawuma and Rtn
Bernard Arinaitwe. Special mention goes to Rtr. Joseph Matovu who has been designing our flyers, and Rtr. Jacob Kiggundu who has been taking photos at our club activities, all at no cost.

I can go on and on. In summary I can say we have had a great year. We have performed well. Thank you Board Members. Thank you Club Members. Thank you friends of Kololo for all the support. Thank you AG Herbert for being there always when I needed you. Thank you DG Xavier for all the
encouragement. Thank you!

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