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When you run a marathon, there comes a time when you start seeing the finishing line, in a distance. It’s the most exciting stage of the race, as your supporters cheer you on. You take a quick glance to check your position. If you are the one in the lead, you put in more effort to maintain your position, or to improve your personal time. If you are trailing, you still put in more effort to complete, honorably. What kind of competitor sees the finishing line and slows down!

Rotary is not a race, or a competition per se. But we do set goals every year, and we work to achieve those goals. On 15th February 2020, all Club Presidents converged at Maya Nature Resort for a whole day retreat with District Governor Francis Xavier Sentamu.  It was a time to reflect on how far we have gone towards achievement of our club goals. It was also a moment of encouragement for those goals that are yet to be realized.. that it’s not yet too late.

Kololo has already achieved a lot in terms of club goals, and we are proud to be a leading club in TRF giving in the district. Yet there are some areas where we have not yet performed so well.  With the finishing line now well in sight, how we will cross it depends on what we do in the remaining 3 months.

DG Xavier is optimistic that we can achieve the remaining goals if we put in more effort. Gary Ryan once said that: “The things you need to do to finish the year strong are the exact same things you should have been doing all year long. The only difference is that time is no longer an ally…it’s an adversary.”

We need to finish strong. But time is no longer an ally. Let’s continue doing what we have done best, during the previous months. But let us also push harder towards those seemingly “evasive” goals. We can achieve a lot in the remaining few months.

One thing is for sure. Every task, goal, race, year, comes to an end. The end of this rotary year is well in sight. Join me to make a final push in the last lap. We must finish strong!


Bonnie Nsambu

President, Rotary Club of Kololo-Kampala

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