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Greetings Kololians.

The first 2 months into the Rotary Year have been really eventful and fruitful, at Rotary Club of Kololo. In July we participated in the 5-Aside Football Tournament where we “demolished” a number of teams. Kudos to our young Rotarians! We also launched the Kololo Wellness Fellowships (KWF), the first of its kind! We now have KWFs on every last Tuesday of the Month. Other clubs have started adopting the idea.

August has been even more eventful.  Our GG1985386 North Kigezi Maternal and Child Health Center IV project was approved by RI, the funds (US$ 78,371) have been received on the club project account, and implementation arrangements are in high gear. We are currently leading in giving to TRF. We had our District Governor’s official visit to the club, and it was a blast! The world-class panel discussion on member engagement reminded us about our responsibilities as members. We participated in the Rotary Cancer Run with a bang, after selling more than 300 tickets! We are crowning the month with a handover of 14 heifers to beneficiary families at our Lugo adopt a village project, which has been recognized by TRF as an international best practice.

At his official visit to the club, District Governor Xavier challenged us to raise the bar higher and: i) double the TRF giving from our current goal of USD 21k to at least 40k; ii) increase our member engagement goal from 70% to 100% and; iii) increase the number of members attending DCA from 30 to 80. We have already achieved our club goals in all these areas with 10 months to spare. We have so far raised and remitted more than USD 21,000 for TRF! Congratulations to our new Major Donors, Rtn Lilian Joy Babihuga and Rtn Moses Turyatemba. You have inspired us to give! We already have 40 Kololo members that have signed up for the 95th DCA, the highest ever in our club history! Attendance of club fellowships has improved, and we registered the best attendance so far (60%) on our KWF in August. Member participation is improving through buddy groups. Our “swallow ships” after fellowships are well attended, sometimes overflowing. Our PR is improving steadily, and Kololo is now trending on social media! In order to challenge ourselves better, we should take the DG’s advice and aim higher and we can.

So far, 24 members (30%) have made a contribution to TRF. Can you imagine what it will be like when the remaining 70% also make a contribution! During our member engagement fellowship, members once again emphasized the need to have more social events; but we need hosts! We also need more energy in our buddy groups. And, we need to support the fundraising efforts for our club projects. I wish to appreciate all the members who have made the time to be engaged in our club activities so far. I call upon all our members who have not been as actively engaged as they should be, please we need you on board. Create the time to join us in club activities. Make an input through your club committees; be active in your buddy groups. Let us win together.

Bonnie K. Nsambu (PHF+3)

President, Rotary Club of Kololo-Kampala

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