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November 27th 2018 was a key date in this Rotary Year for RC Kololo. That is when we had DG Shamilla Bhatt’s official visit to the Club.

We started the Board Meeting with the DG, with a lot of pride. The DG had just returned from St. Steven’s Hospital Mperewe where she handed over an Ambulance and other medical equipment in what will probably be RC Kololo’s flagship Global Grant project this Rotary Year.

Kudos to PAG Fred Mubiru. the project team leader, for delivering a very successful project. The Board meeting with the DG was very well attended.

After listening to President Alambuya’s report on the Club, she posed a question; “As members of Rotary Club of Kololo, what are you known for? What service projects are you proud of?”. It did not require a lot of soul searching. Isn’t Kololo so famous for carrying out very successful medical camps? Some of them like Ntara and Rwemiyenje medical camps. were even showcased on RI’s Rotary Club Central under the club’s service activity history.

So, of course, we mentioned Medical Camps! We mentioned the recently completed Masaka medical mission and the Bukomansimbi medical camp that is planned for 15-16 February 2019. The DG gave us her trademark smile. And then dropped the bombshell.

A club of 30 years old, with a membership of 80+. should be implementing multiple projects worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Kololo should distinguish itself in the design and implementation of huge global grants that have a lasting impact. We kinda became defensive.

Surely Kololo is known for some other high impact projects as well. We mentioned the famous Kizinda Heifer Project, Mpererwe Heifer Project, Omukabaale project and the ongoing Lugo project, among others. Clearly we do have the necessary in-house experience, and expertise to develop and deliver high impact projects. But many of these are in the past. We need more for the present and future.

It is against this background that I have proposed a new sub-committee responsible for New Global Grants Proposals/ Incubation. It will be under the Projects Committee and chaired by our best brain in the Club on Global Grants, this is none other than PCC Sam Farouk. I was elated when he accepted to serve in this capacity. He was supposed to start the next Rotary year but from the look of things, he has already taken off.

During the end of year holidays, he was in Rukungiri carrying out needs assessment for a new global grant at the invitation of Babihugas. Now this is serving with a passion, isn’t it? I want to be like this man!

We are now forming club committees for the next Rotary Year. If any of us ever wished to prepare a project for your community, this is the sub-committee to join. We should be able to churn out at least 3 big and bold global grants every rotary year.

The more hands we put on the job the brighter Kololo will shine. I challenge all of us to embrace this opportunity. One of the key qualifications of a Rotarian is the willingness to serve our communities and beyond. Let us prepare bigger and bolder projects. Then Kololo will become “An Icon of Excellence in the Ideals of Rotary”…..this is our Club’s Vision Statement.

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